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“Wear My Ring” – The Story Behind the Song

Bart Crow has a lot of great songs but one of his signature tunes that seems to resonate with a lot of people is “Wear MyBart Crow Ring.”  We thought it’d be fun to learn the story behind the hit tune, so we went to the man himself to get the story.

I wrote it after hanging out at City Limits in Stephenville with a college roommate. We ran into his recently ex-girlfriend and he was whining and crying and saying she wouldn’t even wear his ring or she gave him back his ring, one of those, it’s been quite a while and I don’t remember which.  I’m not 100% sure what it is that people love or like about the song and why it’s so contagious with people, but I’m grateful for that.  It always brings a big smile to my face seeing folks sing along or friends and fans send videos and pictures of other people covering the song, that’s a real treat.  It’s definitely been a nice thing to have in my arsenal and to me personally, the song “Dear Music” from the new record, The Parade, is equally contagious, but I suppose that’s for others to decide!
And for all you wondering about the new song Bart is talking about, it IS a great tune!  Check it out here:

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