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The Next Waltz – Episode 2

Texas Monthly premiered the second episode of Bruce Robison’s “The Next Waltz” recently and it features Robison’s lovely and talented wife, Kelly Willis!   As host of the show, Bruce has a unique way of interviewing his fellow musicians but the degree of difficulty gets turned up in a weird way for episode two for both the host and the guest.

“It is a little strange to have somebody who knows you better than anyone else on the planet ask questions that you know they probably know the answer to, but I don’t think he actually did,” Kelly  says of the experience. “I think some of that stuff was stuff we don’t talk to each other about very often.”

“I had a few things that I actually had been wondering about,” Bruce admits. “I get to hear her just talking about music, and ruminating on what it’s like to do it now, and what she wants to do and what she doesn’t want to do—so I thought I could just ask those questions flat out that I knew that she had been struggling with for the past few years, and hear what she had to say.”

Personally, we think it turned out pretty great!  Watch it here:

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