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Glen Campbell’s Battle

There’s an incredibly tragic battle taking place in legendary singer/songwriter Glen Campbell’s mind and it’s all because of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease.  No, he’s not a Texan but a legend whose music has always touched me and deserves some time on my blog.

NBC News sat down with Glen’s wife, Kim Woolen, recently to discuss her husband’s battle.  The entire article can be read here:

I think the most incredible part of this story is that even though Mr. Campbell is almost in the 7th and final stage of this disease, he is still able to recognize his wife of 32 years and can still play the guitar!  Experts say most  Alzheimer’s patients are able to communicate in their “first language” which for Campbell is most certainly music.

Early last year, Campbell recorded a song called “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.”  The ballad’s lyrics and video detail his struggle with the illness, with personal home videos and performance footage from throughout Campbell’s life.

The article listed above also mentions that there is a documentary being released next week on October 24 nationwide titled “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me.”  It was produced and directed by James Keach and producer Trevor Albert.  Keach also produced the Oscar-winning movie “Walk the Line” about the life of Johnny Cash.  “He wanted us to tell the gnarly truth,” Keach says.  “You’re showing the audience what this man is up against, and what 44 million people are up against worldwide.”

Here’s a trailer for the documentary:

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