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Aaron Einhouse’s New Video

Here it is! It’s another great video from Aaron Einhouse.  This one is for “Nobody Knows,” a tune he wrote with Texas favorite, Waylon Payne.  Bluesy and wistful, it says,”Nobody knows too much these days,” but also more hopefully, “But maybe if we all stick to simple truths and earnest ways, maybe we can come together and make a better day.”

Filmed and edited by Aaron, he brings this one to you directly from his “Grandmommy’s” front porch, featuring his performance there along with archival footage of everyone from JFK Jr. to Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.  Done in all black and white, minus the ever-present red, white and blue, it’s pure American flag-waving reminiscence.  And what’s better than that?


photo credit: Natalie Rhea

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