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Junior Gordon

Who is Junior Gordon?  Here’s how I describe this Alvin, Tx native: a COUNTRY singer/songwriter, a true entertainer and a heck of a nice guy! Junior Gordon

Junior’s got a lot of great things happening with a new video and a new CD coming!  So I definitely wanted him to help us get in the loop with the Junior Gordon Band!

Katie: How long have you been performing?  Do you remember your very first performance?  Tell us about it.

Junior: I’ve been performing off and on for around 14 years.  I didn’t get serious about it all until about 4 years ago.  I had always been in a cover band and working for someone else.  I remember my very first show was at this little hole in the wall place in Clear Lake.. .and boy the nerves were in full swing.  I remember vomiting before the show.. Lol

Katie: Your fan base is growing outside of your home base of Alvin…people obviously want to hear COUNTRY music (which you guys provide).  How do you guys fight the “broCountry” sound and stay true to your roots?

Junior: That’s easy…I don’t like the “broCountry” sound… To me it’s cookie cutter music, meaning everyone’s doing it, sounds the same and the story line is about the same.  When I write or collect songs written by others, I think about our fan base, audience.  I ask myself is this a song that people will enjoy?  I’m not always right, I’ve had songs I had written that I didn’t think would be for the  public or on an album, that others have fallen in love with.  I do know that the “bro” music is popular to some, so I do take it into consideration when writing… There are those that will dip their toe in the water and those that will jump right off in it… Me, I know the water is there.   I just observe from a distance.

Katie: Thanks to social media, I’ve seen that you have been working on a music video!  What’s the scoop and when will we see it?

Junior: Yesssss Mrs. Observant.. Lol!

This is our second video shoot.  It is for the very first single that we will release at the beginning of the year.  To me, music videos are super cool, because I get to see myself on television and let’s face it, “Days of Our Lives” ain’t calling me back.  But seriously…there is a lot that goes into a video as well as a lot of cost.  But with (our last video) “BIG,” we had airtime with GAC, The Nashville Network, CMT, The American Music Channel and overseas as well.  We’re hoping for the same results out of this one.  Yes, Katie Key, will be the first to get a sneak peak.  But it was also different this time, the video was not featured around me.  There is a couple and the only part I had in this one was just the music.

Katie: Can’t wait to see it!  Now what do you to unwind?

Junior: Unwind?  What’s that?  We live in the country.  At the end of a Country Road.  Where no one drives by, other than the FedEx guy.. I think my wife is sweet on him, because she orders a LOT of stuff.

But I just enjoy sitting outside where it’s quite, listening to the creations GOD made.  I love to fish, I take my buddies out as much as I can.

Katie: Don’t you have like 10 kids or something? 🙂 Seriously how do you juggle being a dad, husband, working and being a traveling musician?

Junior: We have 7…don’t add to the number Katie.  7 is enough.

Junior Gordon family

Junior and his wife Cheramy and (most of) their kiddos: Cody-19, Meredith-18, Brenden-17 (not pictured), Michael-16, Megan-13, Matthew and Mason-5

Most people don’t know this.. But I still have a day job.  Cheramy and I own a business, have great folks that work for us and with us!  We have an awesome nanny who has been with us for 4 years, she helps so much with the kids, only while we’re on the road.  When I’m home I’m a hands on Dad.  I love being a dad, a husband and having a family.  They push me without them even knowing it to be a better man everyday.

As far as my time is concerned and distributing it out, I just try and spread it evenly.  I will tell you this, there is not one day, not one, that I don’t thank the BIG man upstairs for the gifts that he has given to me.  I lean on HIM for my direction and guidance and for HIM to tell me.. Enough is enough, after all, isn’t that what Fathers are for?

Amen, Junior, amen!

I’ll have more details on Junior’s new CD, Watered Down in the coming months, but I do know that it will be released in February.

So if you prefer COUNTRY music to “broCountry” tunes, then the Junior Gordon Band is right up your alley!

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