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Dub Miller

Dub Miller has been around the scene for as long as I can remember.  Back when I started working behind the scenes, his was a name that you would hear right along with Roger Creager and Cory Morrow.  His debut album American Troubadour is considered to be a Texas Country classic.

Dub Miller Debut CD

After banging it out in the clubs and beer joints all those years he achieved a modicum of fame, almost no riches, and began to long for a domestic lifestyle.  Wife, children, family, that sort of thing.  Also, he didn’t particularly care for fame.

But I’m happy to report that after some time off, Dub is back and  I know the scene is grateful for it.  We need his music!  I wanted to spotlight him for a couple of reasons: 1. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan.  2. He’s got some news!  3. Did I mention I’m a fan?

Katie: You took some time off from the music scene for a few years … what were you doing during that time?

Dub: Well, let’s see.  I got married, went to law school, got divorced, dropped out of law school, put on concerts & festivals with John Dickson for a while, produced a Robert Earl Keen tribute album, attempted a 9 month homeless experiment just living out of my pickup & off my guitar, got in the toobing business and got out because of the drought, got in the cattle business and got out because of the drought, got in the oil & gas business and continued to worry about the drought, co-founded the Texas Surface Owners Association, got married again and had some kids, questioned everything, answered some, lived, loved, lost, and wrote a shit load of songs about it.

Katie: Describe in 3 words your style of music.

Dub: Probably from Texas.  

Katie: Ha!  Best answer ever, by the way!  Is there a new CD in the works?  If so, when can we expect it?

Dub:  Absolutely!  I recently went through my stuff and chose 30 or so songs and demo’d them for my long time friend (and now producer!) Adam Odor who was tasked with choosing his favorite 12.  Interesting process as some of the ones I thought were best didn’t make the cut and then others I thought were marginal did.  Proof that the artist is seldom the best judge of his own work.  Should be ready for consumption this winter or spring.

Katie: If you could choose to play with one singer (living or dead) who would you choose and what would you want to perform?

Dub:  Willie.  Anything.  Unless we wrote a song together.  Then I would choose that.  But we didn’t.  Or at least we haven’t.  But really, anything.

Katie: What was the first concert you remember attending?

Dub:  Huh… my earliest memories of witnessing live music performed would be whatever band that was playing the local Llano or Pontotoc or Castell Volunteer Fire Dept. fish fry that year.  Does that count as a concert?  I guess for a true “concert” experience I remember in 7th grade my mom agreed to drive my friends & I to Austin to see Bon Jovi.  Slippery When Wet tour.  I saw things and heard things (and smelled things) that my little country bumpkin self had never.  Livin’ on a prayer indeed…

Find out more about Dub and where you can see him perform here:

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