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Who’s In the Studio?

My friend, drummer and producer extraordinaire, Ken Tondre who runs The Compound Studios in Austin, is a BUSY dude with artists lining up to record stuff in his studio including Jack Ingram, Kevin Fowler, Davin James and more!  Check out the pics he shared with me:


Davin James-Fowler session 060

Davin James

Kevin Fowler vocals 057

Kevin Fowler

Jon Wolfe vocal session 059

James Hill (left), Jon Wolfe (center), Ken Tondre (right)

Session with Jack Ingram 055

Session time with Jack Ingram (standing)

James Lann in studio

James Lann (right) lays down some vocals

Paul Eason tracking gtr

Paul Eason (right) tracking some guitar licks


Love all of these artists so needless to say I can’t wait to hear the final products!

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