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Makin’ Magic in the Studio

My buddy Brandon Jenkins is back in the studio working on a new album at Yellowdog Studios in Wimberley.  Man, that dude puts out some great stuff so you know this will be just another example!

Some other exciting news from the “studio” is I hear there will be an acoustic CD from Walt Wilkins AND Jamie Richards!  This will be made up of songs they’ve written together and there have been some great ones like  “Someday,” “All-time High,” “Anyway You Want Me To,” “Lake View Grocery Store” and “Long Winter.”  This is gonna be soooo good!

Speaking of Walt, he’s also currently finishing up a new Mystiqueros album!

The Dix Hat Band (love their name, btw) has also just wrapped up work on a new CD and my friend Rob Ybanez (formerly with Redneck Brown & the Freshwater Donkeys) is working on a solo project.  My favorite veterinarian/singer/songwriter, Doc West, is also working on a new CD!  And Jason Cassidy has been working in the studio.

As soon as I have details on when all of these will be released, I will let ya know!

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