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Set Your DVRs

Set your DVR’s, VCR’s, Apple TV’s or whatever gizmo the kids are into these days and catch a brand new video from Jake Trout and the Ball Washers!!  AKA: Peter Jacobson, The Braun Bro’s, Bukka Allen, Joe Miller and a special guest appearance by Peters daughter Amy on vocals.  The new song and music video “It’s a Jungle in Here” will air this Saturday, February 6th on NBC during the Jakes Takes segment of the Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament.  It will be on between 2 and 5 pm central standard time.  You might remember a couple years ago when the “band” released a tune called “Cheers and Boos.”
jake trout Screen-shot-2013-03-15-at-11.19.08-AM

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