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Is It ALL Good Music?

I read a great article the other day where singer/songwriter Jason Isbell talked about whether all music is good or not…and quite obviously the answer is NO.  But it also got me to thinkin’.

Do people honestly LIKE Nashville mainstream country?  And apparently yes they do.  Or the artists making that type of music wouldn’t be on the radio.  They wouldn’t be selling albums.  They wouldn’t be selling tickets to their concerts.

Does it sound like crap?  I think A LOT of it does.  Is it the same type of song over and over again?  I think a lot of it is.

BUT DO I HAVE TO LIKE IT?  Nope, I sure don’t.

Now do people have to like the music I LIKE?  This is gonna break a bunch of super fans of the Texas/Red Dirt music scene’s hearts but…No, they don’t.  Is ALL the music that comes from this scene GOOD?  Oh goodness me, that is also a big ol fat NO.

But back to the article, Jason Isbell got his start in the band the Drive-By Truckers, and while spending time on the road with his bandmates, he formed his opinions on good and bad music. jason isbell

“When I joined the Truckers, I was 21 and riding in the van with guys who were a generation older than me. And we spent a lot of time talking about what was bulls–t, what was not real,” Isbell tells GQ. “And I don’t believe all music is okay. I don’t believe all music is good. I believe some music is bad for people to listen to. I think it makes their taste worse, I think it makes their lives worse, I think it makes them worse people.

“Some things you have to refuse, not because of other people’s image of you but because it will gradually erode you until you are making music that’s not good for people and you’re not challenging listeners and you’re not challenging yourself,” he continues. “I believe that, and I will always believe that if I have my way.”

Isbell’s got a great point.  Do the artists who are making this type of not so great music realize they are making shitty music or are they being swayed by those around them and the almighty dollar?  I understand everyone needs to make money.  Heck I need money to write this blog!  BUT at what point do you sacrifice your originality or the main reason you began playing music in the first place?

4 Comments on Is It ALL Good Music?

  1. Isbell says all this as he gears up for a tour with Luke Bryan and guess who else….SAM HUNT.

  2. I think in this day and age, there are way too many people making music who just want to be rich and famous. They may like music, but I don’t feel as many of them LOVE it like some of the guys we know and admire. If they weren’t making music, they’d be just as happy on a reality show, or being a model or whatever. I think Drew Kennedy would be miserable if you took making music away from him.

    I don’t mind Isbell going on tour with Luke and Sam. Matter of fact, I wish more of the guys we loved would get these big tours. That’s how they get the word out to the biggest audience. If 100 people walk away from seeing the tour and go “Man, that Jason Isbell guy is awesome!” That’s 100 more fans than he had before. They’ll go home from the show and tell their friends, and so on. That’s the way the pendulum starts to swing back to more real music being sought after by the fans.

    Again, just my 2 cents too…ha

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