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“Freeze Frame Time” – The Story Behind the Song

Brandon Rhyder’s “Freeze Frame Time” is an amazing song that tells of moments in your life that you wish you could hold on to just a little while longer and if you’ve ever been to one of Brandon’s concerts you’ve likely heard his fans singing it back to him.  We asked Brandon to tell us how the song came about:

My father in law and I had made it a habit to be in the fields on opening day of dove season, so we made our way to Coleman, Tx and the Graves Ranch for our annual hunt with friends. September 1, 2004, I find myself sitting on my bucket in the middle of sunflowers. Shotgun at the ready. The sun is just starting to peak over the horizon when I hear Brandon Rhyderone of the most beautiful voices begin to sing the words to “Amazing Grace” A Capella. I sat there in that moment and prayed it would last longer than it did. I thought if I could just Freeze Frame Time I’d stay there much longer…

My wife, Kelli, and I had begun the discussion of starting a family. We knew we wanted kids. I had watched my friends with their kids intently, so I knew it was going to change everything. And so I sat there in the field and began to hum “it’s a beautiful morning, to see the sun rise, it’s moments like this that make me wish I could Freeze Frame Time”… And the rest as they say, is history. It fell on paper. Long before Dusty graced us with his presence.

It is gratifying and an honor to have written such a powerful song, and I love that so many others love it too. Young and old alike. Years later. A super blessing! A big thank you to all the fans out there who spread the love. Until we meet again…

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