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End of An Era

As the Texas/Red Dirt music world is still reeling from the announcement about the Texas Music Chart shutting it’s doors, a lot of people are wondering why.


Even though I have been gone from the TMC for almost two years, I have obviously remained in contact with Pam Shane, the owner.   For those who may not know, it was just over a year ago that my mentor and her husband, Ed Shane, passed away from a short illness.  This threw Pam into not only dealing with her grief but also catapulted her into the spotlight as owner and number one champion (along with Lizzy Waggoner, current editor of the Texas Music Chart) of the Chart and the scene.

They both worked really hard on continuing the business.  And I know that despite the fact Pam is ready to retire, I am almost positive there is still one major reason why it is shutting it’s doors now…lack of support.  And yes, I’m talking about money.  No matter what people may think, it does take money to keep a business going.  Website costs, staffing, marketing, etc., it all adds up.

My email and phone have been blowing up with folks asking why or wondering what will happen next?  As Shannon Canada pointed out the music will go on.  And of course, that is true. We will always have the music.

But what about the business side of it?  Bottom line, we will survive.  And maybe someone will bring back the TMC in one form or another.  Yes, there will be other charts.  And maybe I’m a little biased, but I honestly feel that there will NEVER be one like the TMC.  We fought long and hard to keep it legit and credible.  I hope like hell, no one forgets all the hard work that was put into it for all the artists who have EVER graced it’s pages.

I am proud of Pam and Lizzy and the fact they kept it going as long as they could…for Ed, for the artists and for the fans.

And Thank YOU Texas Music Chart for an incredible run at being the BEST in TEXAS! 😉

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  1. You’re the best. Keep on kicking up the Red Dirt Dust of Texas Music…

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