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All I Want for Christmas

With it being sooo close to Christmas, here are a few of our favorites with items on their Christmas list this year:

from Jeff Grossman, Saints Eleven:  “A bigger van and a newer trailer. Oh, and a shotgun. Oh, and dark chocolate truffles in my stocking….oh, and, just kidding. Merry Christmas!”

from Cody Braun, Reckless Kelly: “Peace on earth, a pony and or a pet monkey.  I have a feeling I will be a very disappointed little boy on Christmas morning.”

from Jeremy Studdard, Jackson Tillman:  “A new Gibson songwriter guitar, and some new sound equipment!”

from Shawn Gomez, Jackson Tillman:  “A good tour bus and some $ for the diesel! Lol!”

from Blake Burrow: “My Wish list this year for Christmas, is that my nephew is born strong and healthy.  2. I get to spend it with the ones I love.  3. Also if I did want anything materialistic, would be another Breedlove guitar, haha!!”
from Jeremy Steding: “Santa, Please deliver me a new, black Mercedes Sprinter and airplane tickets for my honeymoon, with Tiffini.  That is all I ask, simple.”

from Chris Wayne: “If I could have a few things one my Christmas wishlist, it would be for our single ‘Backroads’ to get into the top 10 on TMC and TR3 in 2016!  That would definitely be a good one.  Also, I’ve been wanting a new Tatum Custom Guitar!  He is an amazing luthier out of Lubbock TX, and has some mad skills!  Can’t wait to get my hands on a new guitar from his collection!  Those would be at the top of my Christmas list.”

from Sarah Pierce: “Well, I was hoping for a TelePrompTer because I forget my songs but that is a bit much so now…A new two wheel wheelbarrow.  Merel’s mare jumped in the old one!  A great bottle of red wine.  And making ravioli with Merel and my fuzzy kids”

from Brandon Rhyder: “My dad asked me just yesterday if there was something I wanted that he could give me for Christmas. I paused and said ‘no, dad… I’m really pretty good.’ Oh I could dream up things I’d like to have if given some time, but the truth is I don’t ‘need’ for anything.  As long as my loved ones are near I’ll be more than happy to help cook and cut up and laugh, and yes, sing.  Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas everybody.”
from Stephanie Urbina Jones: “My Wish list…Nothing money can buy: More compassion, tolerance and understanding.   A TOTAL turn around in this country…coming TOGETHER to support each other in spite of our differences.  It may sound naïve but in the end it is why we are here.”

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