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A Chat with Stoney

Stoney LaRue released his newest project last week and LOTS of folks are talking about it.  Titled Us Time it has a song list that makes it quite clear that Stoney has an appreciation for impressive songwriters.  I was happy to see names like Van Morrison, Jim Croce, Dean Dillon, Mando Saenz, and of course, Brandon Jenkins (just to name a few of them) on the track listing!stoney cover

Stoney says this CD is for the fans, “This project is a tribute to my fans.  We have developed a strong relationship and I appreciate all of them. Together we have built a compilation of fan favorites from our shows that reflect the complexion of our time together in music, it is simply our Us Time,” he continues.  This sentiment rings even louder after he took a hiatus from touring this summer to re-center his life before hitting the road again.  LaRue says, “Being able to record such timeless songs as “Empty Glass,” “Into the Mystic” and “Wichita Lineman” aside some of my original tunes, most all selected by my fans, make me feel validated as an artist and hopefully it gives the fans exactly what they are looking for.”

Stoney answered a few questions for me about the album, life and his bucket list:

Katie: Is there a song on the CD that means more to you than the others?

Stoney: They all have interesting stories as far as meaning to me so it’s hard to just choose one. Empty glass was Robert Gallaghers (billy bobs) favorite song and was great friends with Gary Stewart so I used to play the song all the time for him.  Dean Dillon wrote the song unbeknownst to me as I played it in a songwriter in the round with Lee Ann Womack and Cody Canada.  Dean peered around watched me as I played it and that sparked our connection and he told me many grandiose stories of them and their travels. Cool how history comes to life with a song.

Katie: It’s been a rough year with everything you’ve been through, how do you think it’s changed you?

Stoney: It’s changed me in a lot of ways.  It’s simply petrifying how media and opinion can take an instance and twist it to be a great “story” which is exactly what that was.  Those that know me know my heart and I wouldn’t harm a fly.  I did however enjoy taking a step outside and re-centering myself.  It’s something I believe we should all do from time to time.  I am armed now with tools to prevent any future misunderstandings and quite honestly look at this wonderful life as an opportunity filled chasm of love and joy.

Katie: You’ve had a lot of successes and big things happen in your career (so far), what is still on your bucket list?

Stoney: Maybe write a song with Haggard.  Yea, that’d be just fine by me.

One of my favorite things about Stoney and his music, is it’s not what you call mainstream Country (and thank Goodness for that.)  His appreciation of great songs shines through and it’s great to hear his take on record of some incredible songs!  Did I love the CD?  YES!

Get it today at or at one of his shows!

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