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Who Would You Choose to Play Merle?

Merle Haggard may be the next country icon to have his life play out on the silver screen.  According to,  a production company has optioned a script for a film based on his life.

Deadline reports that GMH Productions has acquired the rights for a project titled Done It All, written by Cliff Hollingsworth (Cinderella Man) and developed in conjunction with Haggard’s friend Carl Cooper.  According to Arkansas Online, Cooper and Haggard’s son Ben began recording videos of Haggard telling his life story in the mid-2000s, to use to develop a movie script.

“Merle and I just agreed to put a little money together and start recording everything verbatim from him, get it on film of him telling his story from birth through today,” Cooper said back in 2008. “He asked me because I’m the only guy that he trusts. If you ever make a movie, you’ll know why.”

Hmmmmmm….so which actor would you want to play Merle???

Stay tuned!

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