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What’s On Randy’s Phone?!

Randy Rogers Band spends a LOT of time touring each year. Frontman Randy Rogers will be the first to admit his phone is his lifeline while out on the road. Check out these fun facts as Randy shares what’s on his iPhone from Ryan Adams and Food Network, to FaceTime and YELP!

Number of contacts in phone? – 1695
Most-used app? – Yelp
Biggest time-wasting app? – Twitter
Favorite fitness/workout app? – Map My Run
Most-essential app while traveling? – Master Tour
Are you a siri user? – YES, everyday
Outgoing voicemail message? – None
Person you FaceTime the most? – My Kiddos
Favorite ringtone? – Beacon
First app checked in the morning and last before bedtime? – Map, where the hell am I?
Cities listed in weather app and world clock app? – New Braunfels, Nashville, Chicago, Boston, Steamboat Springs, Red River
Most-listened-to artists on iTunes or Spotify? – Ryan Adams
Craziest place you ever lost or left your phone? – Never lost one
Sources in your newsstand/Apple newsfeed? – USA Today, CNN, FoxNews
Most Recent Uber/Lyft ride? – Last week in Cincinnati
Favorite food-related app? – Food Network, In the Kitchen

To find out more about RRB’s tour schedule, click here.

(Courtesy of Sounds Like Nashville)

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