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WCG Just Keeps Playing

This is a great story of how dedicated artists can be to making sure their fans get the show of a lifetime.  Let’s set the scene, it was The Spring Ho in Lampasas and William Clark Green was playing the Saturday night street dance. Then it started to rain and that’s when the magic began for some lucky fans…

From Tanner McLean: “So this happened tonight and William Clark Green went WAY up on my list.  Rain hit and he told us before ‘I don’t care if there’s 2 or 200 left after, I’m playing.’  Not only did he play, but he came out to us and played acoustic for about 30 of us.  Awesome show.” wcg

And from Kerri DeBusk, “William Clark Green was already pretty high on my list of favorite artists, but after tonight he’s definitely number one.  After an hour rain delay, WCG comes to the awnings where we are taking cover from the rain and begins to play (for the few of us who stayed) acoustically.  I don’t know many artists who would have done that.  Hats off to you WCG, your fans greatly appreciate you.”

And here’s a video taken by Trisa Wilson Simmons:

Way to go, WCG!

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