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Two Artists In Need of Our Help

Andie Kay

Andie Kay Joyner

Two of our dear friends in the music scene need our prayers and help!  Andie Kay Joyner of blacktopGYPSY and Cory Green are both suffering with medical conditions and friends are coming together to help each with benefit concerts.

Andie Kay has a genetic blood disorder called Hemochromatosis, basically what the disorder does is create too much iron in a person’s blood.  Over time that excess iron can build up in the major organs.  What’s happening with Andie Kay is that the iron has built up in her heart.  There is a musical event planned for Wednesday August 24th at Love & War in Texas/Plano ( to help raise funds to assist with some of her financial needs.  She has had to put her career on hold and will be accumulating some substantial medical bills as well as still having her day to day cost of living needs.  The event is called “Make Andie Kay OK.”  There is a FB page about the event here:

Plans are being made now for a benefit for Cory Green who suffered a minor stroke and will be out of commission for Cory Greenquite awhile.  Even worse, he won’t be able to sing for quite sometime.  Charlie Diggs, a promoter with a big heart who has set up many benefits for many folks says, “We already have 22 musicians signed up to play in the last 12 hours, gonna need auction donations.”

As soon as we have more details on both events, we will share them here!

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