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Two Amazing Bands in One Place

Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft. Worth will be the place to be this Saturday night when two amazing bands take the stage!

Cooder Graw and great Divide poster

The Great Divide and Cooder Graw will be performing and we are so jealous we won’t be there!

I hear there will be a mix of “new music, old music, steel music, fiddle music, country music, rock music, dancin’ music, hollerin music, cryin music, high-fivin music, all the great Loud Country music that IS Cooder Graw!”    Those are the best kinds of music!  🙂

And having The Great Divide on stage as well, well, that’s just pure awesomeness!  We have always loved their music and to hear some of the old stuff mixed in with some new tunes will make anyone’s love of music proud.

Who is ready to take a road trip, ya’ll!?

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