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Top 100 of 2015

My friends over at the Texas Music Chart have released their Top 100 tunes of the year!  And to say I couldn’t be happier for my friend Bart Crow is an understatement!  His song “Life Comes At You Fast” got the most plays – 23,563 to be exact – for the entire year (based on plays by radio stations across the state and around the region).

The remaining top 10 looks like this:

2. 23,018 “My Bed” Sunny Sweeney

3. 22,165 “Backroad Song” Granger Smith

4. 22,150 “Smile That Smile” Curtis Grimes

5. 22,145 “While I Was Away” Pat Green

6. 2,1407 “Before Somebody Gets Hurt” Kevin Fowler

7. 21,378 “Bob Wills Is Still The King” Asleep At The Wheel

8. 21,241 “Sticks and Stones” William Clark Green

9. 21,199 “Talk About The Weather” Rich O’Toole

10. 20,737 “Let It Rain” James Lann

Congrats to all the artists for this great accomplishment!  To see the rest of the list, click here:

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