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These Teachers ROCK

The new School of Rock in New Braunfels will be opening soon thanks to Cody Canada‘s family!  And the staff they have brought on board to help teach the kiddos is a pretty amazing group who know their way around the music biz.

Here’s a look at some of the folks that will be teaching:

Photo by Bradford Coolidge

Austin Meade will be teaching vocals, drums, and guitar.

Inspired by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Greats and Red Dirt Legends, Austin Meade tastefully blends bluesy guitars and deliberate vocals to deliver a familiar, yet fresh, sound in a 4-piece package. A 2015 Agricultural Business graduate of Texas A&M University, and former drummer, Meade’s appeal reaches not only to the co-eds of the next generation, but simultaneously waxes nostalgic for those longing for the ambient guitars of the 70s. Meade’s current EP “Heartbreak Coming,” features the singles “Born With A Broken Heart” and “Courage To Talk.”



Brooks, a professional drummer of 28 years, was raised in Del Rio, Texas and saw his first rock concert at the age of 8. It was not long before this son of a drummer began hopping on his father’s drum kit, emulating the sounds he heard in his dad’s record collection, allowing him to incorporate the stylings of legendary drummers into a potent mixture all his own. He was self taught and introduced into formal instruction via his school’s band program.

His early drumming talents granted him his first touring gig at age 17 with a gospel group for an international tour. Playing music across the globe gave him the passion and tenacity to make music his life’s vocation.

Moving to the Austin area in 1999 to further pursue his musical goals, he has worked with several Texas artists including Gary P. Nunn, Brandon Rhyder and Wade Bowen.  Brooks has made New Braunfels home and is currently drumming for Charlie Robison.





James “J.Pow!” Powell provides the feel-good bass lines that spans genres of music from gospel to rock and everything in between. Some might say the bass is the foundation, the heartbeat of a song. And without that heartbeat, the groove cannot continue to live.

J.Pow! literally lives in the groove! J.Pow is also skilled at drums, keyboard, and production.



Born and raised in New Braunfels, Chris Compton has played in almost any situation whether it’s musical theater, polka, praise band, rock band, or jazz band. Chris received his bachelor of arts in percussion performance at Texas Lutheran University and for the last 11 years has been playing and teaching professionally. He currently plays for Johnny Chops & the Razors as well as The Mismatch.

Photo by Steve Circeo


RC Sanders began his musical journey playing tuba at age 9 and continuing on that instrument through college, where he majored in Music Education. Along the way, RC picked up guitar at age 14 and taught himself to play, going on to play in jam bands, country & western bands, and most notably as bassist for blues legend Duwayne Burnside. At age 50, RC began writing and recording his own music and released his debut CD in 2014. RC continues to write and record and perform around the Texas Hill Country.







Todd Laningham was born in Hewitt, TX where his parents’ extensive vinyl collection fostered his love and appreciation for rock and roll at an early age. He started playing guitar when he was 11 years old and excels in multiple styles. He currently resides in New Braunfels, TX, where he has made his permanent home, playing lead guitar for country artist Wade Bowen.



Cody Angel is what we like to call a “swiss army musician”, meaning that he is a multi-instrumentalist and will be teaching kiddos how to rock on several different instruments!

Needless to say that’s a whole lot of talent in that teaching staff!  The School of Rock NB opens April 14.  Find more info here.

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