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Texas Has A New Chart!

CDX TRACtion Texas released its first ever monitored airplay Texas Red Dirt chart!  Congrats to Aaron Watson for being Number 1 on chart Number 1!

We are happy to see that some of the same principles are being used that were a major part of the Texas Music Chart (which closed in February after 15 years of being the preeminent chart to follow).

Here are a few of those from the Chart Editor herself, Jessie Scott: “The filters for airplay to count toward this chart are familiar to you already: being from Texas, Oklahoma, and the adjacent states, living in Texas, Oklahoma, and the adjacent states, and touring for at least 30% of the time in Texas, Oklahoma and the adjacent states. These things make the music eligible to be reported. The CDX TRACtion Texas chart acknowledges the organic thing, though, as we have seen many artists from other states get called to Texas and Oklahoma by the “Muse,” and wind up spending time there, writing, producing, and collaborating with the tribe.”

Jessie also says, “We aim to have the most articulate chart, with data that empowers artists and radio stations alike. If you are interested in joining our reporters panel, please get in touch ASAP. In order to report, you have to have a healthy web stream for us to monitor. We prefer uptime of over 95% each week, but for this first chart, we are dropping the percentage to 91% so our initial panel is 48 reporters.  CDX TRACtion Texas will be more than a chart, we are a forum for the genre as well. Editorials, artist interviews and photos, and station events and news, are just some of the items we would like to share. So keep ‘em coming!”

As the former Editor of the TMC, I am personally very happy to see a company that has the financial backing to be able to really use technology to make sure that the reporting is accurate!  Let me say, THIS IS BIG!  If you are a radio station who plays and supports Texas Red Dirt Music and would like to be on the monitored panel, wherever you are from, email Screenshot (16)

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Aaron Watson/Bluebonnets
  2. William Clark Green/Next Big Thing
  3. Josh Abbott Band (Ft. Carly Pearce)/Wasn’t That Drunk
  4. Casey Donahew/Feels This Right
  5. Jon Wolfe/Singin’ Thing

To see the Top 50 chart every week, click here:

It’s exciting to see this new Chart and all the possibilities it has for our genre!

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