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Songwriting: Make It More Than Hooks & Melodies

Two Texas music mainstays, Robert Earl Keen and Jack Ingram, talk songwriting and how important it is in an article on and written by Jeremy Burchard. (I’ve posted the link to the article below.)

Jeremy points out, “When we talk about the dumbing down of mainstream country music, or the dearth of heartfelt or interesting songs, what we’re really lamenting is that nobody is taking risks. The songs sound safe. They’re clinical in their composition and content. They check off all the requisites of past successes. They underestimate the listeners.

But while the classic country sound may never return to prominence, there are plenty of artists who are fearless in their writing and music. They’re fearless in their paths to success. And they are the future of country music.”

Yes, yes, yes. And thank goodness for the two artists he spoke to for this article. Both REK & Ingram have been doing their own thing for many a year now (not saying their old cuz that means I’m admitting I’m old, too), so it’s safe to say they’ve seen a phase take place in the music industry a time or two.

Both artists know how important songwriting is, no matter the genre.  Robert Earl is thankful he’s a student of songwriting, “I regret that I didn’t pay attention to some of the classic forms of songwriting early on. But I continue to learn things about songwriting every day.”

Jack reminds songwriters, “I love good mainstream music, and when it is that way, it’s perfect.  When heart and soul meets hook and melody, that’s the Holy Grail.  But most of the time these days it’s just hooks and melodies.  Don’t leave the reason we’re songwriters out of it.”

Check out the entire article here and let us know what you think!

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