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Remembering the Red Dirt Legend

Friday afternoon was tough.  I truly believe we lost one of the finest songwriters of our generation.  Brandon Dean Jenkins, aka the Red Dirt Legend, died after major heart surgery to replace his aorta and aortic valve.  A teddy bear of a man who looked like he could rip you a part with his tattooed bare hands.  But that was just it, he was a teddy bear whose heart was full of love for his fellow man and woman.

It’s true that his music touched many lives.  But his acts of kindness and incredible thoughtfulness and even words of wisdom are being remembered by many.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Brandon.  My house had flooded in 2002 and I was couple of months pregnant when the Texas music community came together and held a benefit for my husband and I.  Cory Morrow was there and brought this bald, bearded and tattooed man with him.  Cory introduced him and we hit it off immediately.  Brandon wasn’t this scary looking dude at all.  But a sweet, kind-hearted amazingly talented man.

We had many conversations over the years (whether recorded for the Cluttered Corner, or interviews for Best in Texas Music Magazine, on the phone or in a smoky bar) and I always loved talking to him  He was so easy going and approachable.  You never had to worry about being forgotten.  Brandon was as unique as he looked and I’ll miss him terribly.

Needless to say Brandon’s medical expenses are substantial.  No word on a memorial at this time but there are many benefits in the works.  Please consider donating to his family by purchasing his new CD Tail Lights in a Boom Town here or purchase one of the “Hearts Beat for Jenkins” t-shirts online.

Here are a few of the memorials from his fellow songwriters and friends from social media this weekend:

“Rest In Peace Brandon Jenkins. I love you my friend.” – Mike McClure


“It is with profound sadness that I report the passing of my dear friend and colleague Brandon Jenkins. Rest in peace brother, your legacy will never be forgotten.” – Dave Percefull, Yellow Dog Studios


“RIP our Brother in Music, Brandon Jenkins. Praying for the Jenkins Family, Friends, & Fans this evening. He’s going to be missed something terrible. #FeetDontTouchTheGround #BrandonJenkins God Speed to our friend.” – Josh Ward


“Thoughts are with Brandon Jenkins’ family. Sorry to hear the news today, we lost a good one. Rest easy brother.” – Cody Jinks
“Damn it… Brandon Jenkins, I looked up to you as a songwriter, friend & human being. I’ll never forget our many conversations and how you could always make me think. You had an ability to tell a story…” – Scooter Brown Band
“Hope you know how much you’re loved Brandon Jenkins and it’s lifting you higher and higher. Still trying to wrap my head around that fact that you’re flying high with all the angels. Thanks for the video Mike Reidy from one of my favorite shows I’ve played at the The Bluebird Cafe. Brandon had the whole room in the palm of his hand that night just like every time he ever played. #feetdonttouchtheground” – Kristen Kelly
“I’ll miss you my brother. This world will never be the same. R.I.P. Brandon Jenkins. I just can’t believe It.” – Stoney LaRue
“My heart is breaking into a million pieces at the news of Brandon Jenkins passing. He was a brother to the Red Dirt Rangers and we’ve known him since he got his first tattoo. We played music together, wrote songs together, travelled up and down the road together and laughed together. He was a warrior, a ladies man, a fighter, an inspiration and a lover of ganja. His personality and physical stature were big and his spirit was even bigger. His pain is gone and his beautiful soul has joined the eternal cosmos. I am looking forward to the day we meet again on stage at the big gig in the sky. Brandon,you will live forever through your songs and will never be forgotten. Adios, my Red Dirt Brother.” – Brad Piccolo, Red Dirt Rangers

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