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Remembering The Dads

In honor of Fathers Day, we thought it would be fun to take a minute and recognize some of the dads in our music world!

Up first is this adorable picture and “letter” from Wade Bowen to his son Bruce: “I’m speechless. Time to brag on my son Bruce. He did an absolutely amazing job tonight in his first big role as ‘Charley.’   You sing so much better than your dad boy. Love you more than anything in the whole world.  And his bad ass brother Brock is his best friend/biggest fan.   Love you buddy!  There really are no words.” 
Wade Bowen and sons


Brandon Rhyder posted this one awhile back of he and his cute daughter!

The caption said: “Hala gets whatever she wants today! ‪#‎browniepoints‬ ‪#‎shelovesdad‬ ‪#‎imwrapped

Brandon Rhyder and daughter



Not too long ago Aaron Einhouse was hanging out with his youngest son and his dog!

His caption: “Out watching the block with my homies. Glad to know Herr Augustus and Rowan here got my back if it gets too crazy. You never know.”

Aaron Einhouse and son


Aaron Watson is wrapped around his little girl’s finger!  Check out this posting: “She (Jolee Kate) begged to get her ears pierced and of course her daddy couldn’t tell her no. She is growing up so so fast. She is such a special little lady, so much like her momma. I always knew I’d love being a baseball dad but I never imagined how much I would treasure having a little girl. Aaron Watson and daughter

I got up early this morning and finally finished the song that I have been writing for her. It will be the song that she and I will dance to for our father/daughter dance someday. I can’t wait to share it with y’all on the new album next year. It is called “Diamonds & Daughters” and it’s a waltz. And of course all you girls will be free to use the song as your own as well. #lifewithjoleekate


Adam Hood has been taking pictures with his little girl on what he is calling “Dru’s landmark tour.”  This one was taken at one of the Antique Archaeology stores (owned by the folks who do the “American Pickers” TV show)!

Adam Hood and baby


Pat Green’s daughter recently celebrated her 10th birthday with a slumber party!  Here’s Pat’s post:

“My daughters 10th birthday camping extravaganza….Tent barely fits in the den!!  Too stormy to sleep in the yard tonight.. So… We are making smores in the fireplace and having spaghetti and meatballs!!”

Pat Green daughter


Bruce Robison took his family fishing!  Check out this adorable photo of his son, daughter and beautiful wife, Kelly Willis!

Bruce Robison and family


Bart Crow has three adorable little boys and a good looking dog, too!  Here’s a recent photo of the group from a camping trip.

Bart and kids


And Cory Morrow travels with his four boys, too!  He posted this one with the caption: “On the road again.”

Cory Morrow kids


There are so many more dads in our scene and we hope everyone of them has a GREAT Father’s Day!

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