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Pat Green – Expanding His Boundaries

Pat Green has been a singer, songwriter, an entertainer, a venue owner…and now you can add painter and sculptor to that list!

He told the Austin360 music blog: “I’m just trying to be the best me I can be— these past few years, I’ve learned to paint and sculpt, just seeing what other leaves there are to turn over. It’s just amazing to be at a beautiful place in life. My job is to make stuff up, and I just love it.”

But don’t worry, he’s not giving up his “day job” of singing and entertaining…in fact there’s a new music project in the works!

Pat is working on a new EP, which is where he says the music buying trend is going.  “Used to be tapes, CDs, downloads, and now it’s just moved into the streaming singles market. People only really might want like two or three songs per album. If you’re Taylor Swift, you can put out whatever the hell you want, but if you’re me, you gotta be more selective. But, live, if you pay $25 to see my fat ass sing, you can hear whatever you want.”  Read the rest of that article here.

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