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Our Texas Music Family

A couple of our Texas artists need our love sent their way this morning! 

First, Brandon Rhyder is in the hospital fighting a bad infection and needs our prayers for healing!  Here’s his post from last night:

“On spring break w the fam and ended up in the ER today w a bad infection. They admitted me to the hospital and are running more tests to try and determine the source. So glad I listened to Kel and went when we did. Things can get scary real quick! Please Say a prayer for me and my family. Appreciate them all!”

And our condolences and prayers of comfort for Terri Hendrix and her family as they mourn the loss of her sister, Tammi.

“There are no words for this profound sadness. No soft landing for the pain. The grief comes in shards of tears. And that’s just how it’s going to be. I hope there will come a day I can tell you about my sister, Tammi. How much I loved her. How I felt her heartbeat in my own. How much our family loved her. How very much we will miss her. Until then, I thank you for your kindness. Instead of flowers or cards, please just send my family the faith and good vibes that we will need to get through this very difficult time.”

“Sister Song”
You had the left side and I had the right
With a line down the middle so we wouldn’t fight
Two sisters sharing a room
With desk in the middle of two twin beds
I listened to every word you said
And when I couldn’t face the world
I faced you instead
I saw me
It pulled me through
When I saw me
It pulled me through
When I saw me
From your point of view
We twirled around in the breeze
The years turned faster than the leaves
The seasons stopped when you left home
I remember that first night
I was so alone I kept on the lights 
And stood in a half empty room on the line you had drawn
When life picked me up and spun me around
You never stopped and judged
You showed me that the way through
Was to do the best I could
Did you know that every holiday
When relatives mixed up our names
I smiled to myself and pretended I was you
When you were around there were so many words
I never knew how to say
I’ve got to let you know
I said them all
I just said them in my own way
I saw me
It pulled me through
When I saw me
It pulled me through
When I saw me
From your point of view

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