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“My Old Man”

“He found sincere magic in the blues.”

That’s just one of the quotes from JT Van Zandt about his dad, Townes Van Zandt, in the film “My Old Man,” which you can watch below.

The eldest son of Townes Van Zandt, JT, a professional fly-fishing guide in central Texas who, on the eve of Father’s Day weekend, pays tribute to his dad in a short film that you can watch below.

“Being the eldest son of Townes Van Zandt is definitely a unique experience,” JT says in the mini-documentary, which was produced by YETI coolers and is part of an ongoing series about fatherhood and the outdoors called My Old Man. “I learned my father’s songs as a way to stay close with him, to respect him.”

So appreciative of American Songwriter for sharing this!


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