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MRC’s Close Call

The boys of Midnight River Choir had a VERY close call!  Here’s the story to go along with this photo:

I feel like I should get this out there to clear any confusion. Yes, our hotel room in Idaho exploded. Yes, we were inside. Yes, we are all okay. Yes, we were detained, not arrested, until it was deemed an accident, which it clearly was. No we weren’t using, making, or cooking drugs or explosives of any sort. Here’s what went down. We had just arrived to our hotel where only one of our three rooms were ready, so we all piled into one room with all of our bags. In one of our backpacks, we always carry a butane torch lighter, an attachment to turn it into a soldering iron, and a backup can of butane to refill. We will never have this again.

MRCFour of us went to sleep in the room, while the other two went to grab food. At some point in our sleep the backpack containing the lighter, rolled off of the counter and hit the ground. When it hit, it must’ve clicked the button, striking the lighter. With nobody awake to see it happen or turn it off, it began to ignite the backpack. I woke up from a strange smell and looked by the door and saw flames. I yelled FIRE and everyone woke and jumped back. At that time, the bottle of butane used to refill the lighter exploded. The blast had enough force to shoot the entire window, frame and all, 50 yards across the parking lot. Amazingly, by the grace of God, we walked away unharmed. If you carry a butane lighter for any reason, treat it like a loaded pistol. I’ve seen first hand it can be just as dangerous. Please share this truth with anyone who might’ve heard or said otherwise. In the words of Skinny No Sleep George The Mariner, “‘you boys just out Rolling Stoned the Rolling Stones and lived to tell about it.'”

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