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McClure’s Getting Into Movies

Our friends at Red Dirt Nation have reported that Mike McClure (singer, songwriter, producer, performer) is getting into the movie biz!  Mike Mcclure

“Actually I’m working on a soundtrack for a film called ‘The Scent of Rain and Lightning’ that was shot in Grove, Oklahoma. A guy I knew from a long time ago … we used to hang out together … he was a movie producer and I didn’t know he had done any of that. He called on me to do the soundtrack, so I’m going to be working on that for a while. Cody Canada is going to come in and write with me and Jason Boland.  Cody hadn’t been there (the Boohatch) and Jason hasn’t, but it’s exciting,” he said. “I’ve read the script and I like the script, there’s some darkness in it, you know all my friends are dark. But that was super exciting. I hadn’t said anything yet, but the contracts are signed. I’ll be able to rent my own studio and record songs with friends of mine and get a Grammy.”


Here’s a link to a little more info on the movie:


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