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Let’s Hear It For The Ladies!

International Women’s Day was yesterday and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite social media posts about it. They were both FROM and ABOUT the ladies we all love.

From Lukas Nelson And Promise Of The Real:

“Today is the day to celebrate women, although I do everyday. From the respect I have for my mother and how she raised me, to the awe that I have for the great female minds of our time, people who have shaped present life and largely gone unnoticed in the patriarchy … Nothing impresses me more that the awesome power of a woman who knows how powerful she is. In sports, science, business, music, politics, and in every other field I am humbled by the steady prowess of the female form. Grace and beauty mixed with strength and willpower, when uninhibited by the limitations of a sexist society, produce the exact type of model citizens and leaders that will hopefully nurture our world into a more balanced and sustainable cultural norm.”

From Kaitlin Butts:

She said of this shot: “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. Happy International Women’s Day. 💜”

From Kimberly Dunn:

I get asked this question in interviews ALL THE TIME. I thought you’d like to I know my answer: ‘Is it hard being a female in the male dominated music industry?’  ANSWER: I don’t know, I’ve never been a man so I couldn’t tell you if it’s more difficult! I can tell you that throughout history women have been battling their way to equality for a long time. When I was first starting out a few years ago, an industry professional literally said to me out loud: ‘I don’t wanna hear my country music from no woman!’ Wow! That definitely left a lasting impression and illustrates that there is plenty of bias out there toward females trying to make a living making music.”

“There are many social injustices in this world that need to be addressed. I believe that most men and women on this planet agree that we are equal and that should be reflected in all aspects of life and business, including the music industry. I think there are a few money/power hungry folks out there that don’t believe change is necessary. The music industry is a snapshot of the way the rest of the world can be. There are so many powerful, strong, & loving people on this planet and I believe that one day we will come together (and have already started to) for change. I’m blessed beyond measure and I want to help bring awareness to the fact that we’ve got some work to do. Let’s start by talking about it.”

And From Aaron Einhouse:

He posted this adorable pic of his daughter and said, “Happy International Women’s Day. I’d say they’re worth fighting for!”



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