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Kent X Kent…Who the Who??

So, all of a sudden everyone is talking about some band called Kent X Kent…and I had no idea who this was!  I had to do some investigating…

Apparently, the power-duo, “Kent X Kent” (Kent by Kent), features brothers John David and Tony Scott from Austin.

Of course I still wasn’t sure but then I kept reading…John David is John David Kent, a Mercury Records/Thirty Tigers recording artist, studio owner, producer and brother Tony Scott Kent, known for his current collaborations with Whiskey Myers!  OHHHHH!!! (Light bulb went off!)  THOSE Kent brothers!

Well, anyway, apparently these two are collaborating together now and making some “noise!”  They are already in the studio recording their debut album, Élan Vital, with producer, Will Loconto, of the platinum-selling group, Information Society.

And according to their FB page, they’ve already sold out some shows. Couldn’t find any music but with these two, it can’t be bad!

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