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“I’m Not the Devil You Think That I Am”

Asking for forgiveness.  That in itself sounds like a great base for a Country song.  And that’s what you’ll hear in Cody Jinks‘ new tune “I’m Not the Devil.”

Jinks told Rolling Stone that the brooding ballad was hatched near the very end of the recording process at the Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas, where Jinks’ tourmate Whitey Morgan cut his 2015 Sonic Ranch album.  “The album was pretty much done. The album title had been decided. On a hunch, I flew my buddy Ward Davis out to the studio to take a stab at writing together,” says Jinks. “A few hours after he arrived and an incredible amount of beer consumed, we were recording ‘I’m Not the Devil’ and in turn renaming the album.”

The new album hits the streets August 12.

Give it a listen here:

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