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Heal Quickly Bart!

Poor Bart Crow is having more back problems and is having to have back surgery (again)!  He shared this news yesterday:

I’ve got some uncool news. After 8 months of dealing w/ rough & sometimes excruciating neck, shoulder, & arm pain I finally had an MRI & an EMG & the results are in……(drum roll) 

Barts backI have herniated disc in/at my C5-C7 vertebrae. Soooo, next Wednesday Aug 10th, I will undergo my 3rd spine (2nd neck) surgery to fuse the vertebrae & correct the herniated disc’s @ Westlake Orthopedic Spine and Sports w/ Dr Scott Spann.

I’ll be out of commish for 9-10 days short term & about 2-4 months for a full recovery.

That being said, we will be off Aug 11-19 for my recovery. We will be rescheduling the 8/19 show in Amarillo @ Hoots Pub.

Our 1st show back will be in Red River NM Sat Aug 20th for Larry Joe Taylor’s Hot Chili Days and Cool Mountain Nights sweet neck brace & all!!

Sorry for any inconvenience…But I’ll certainly take all the good vibes you have to spare…”I wish I could just hug you all!”  

Get Well SOON Bart!

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