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From the “WE CAN’T WAIT” Files

Hearing that new music is coming is always exciting, especially when it’s from one of your favorite artists.

Jamie Richards in studio

Jamie Richards

So when we heard that the AMAZING REAL COUNTRY singer/songwriter Jamie Richards was working on a new album, well, that put us in a VERY happy place!

Pictures and postings on social media have kept us excited to say the least including this one of Jamie, Charla Corn and Bart Rose of Ft. Worth Sound.  Charla added some of her amazing harmony to the album. Charla Corn Jamie Richards Bart Rose

Even Justin Frazell of The Ranch in Ft. Worth added his voice to the new record!  Justin said: “Why in the world he asked me to sing on it with him, not sure I’ll ever figure that one out. We had a ball though and I couldn’t be more flattered and honored.”

Its also been announced that Jamie was recently inducted into the “Outlaws & Legends Hall of Fame!”  Pretty cool!  Watch the induction here.

Stay tuned for album release date news!

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