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Fighting Lupus with Great Music & Roping

Mario Flores, an awesome Country singer from the San Antonio area, has an event coming up that’s near and dear Mario Floresto him and his family.  On August 27, in Mesquite at the Roping Arena & Dancehall there will be a roping event and concert taking place and we are ALL invited!  Here’s the story from Mario:

“As you may have previously seen on my posts, in early 2015 my then 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Lupus. As you can imagine the fear we all went through having someone tell you your child has an incurable disease, is not something any parent ever wants to hear.  My daughter over the past year has received small doses of chemo treatments as well as other medications in order to combat the disease and the severe pain it can cause.  Happily, in May of this year the Doctors informed us due to her amazing health, she would no longer need to have her weekly chemo injections.  It’s due to research into this disease that my daughter since first being diagnosed has been able to live a normal and pain free life.  I know there are others who haven’t had the same success or some who may not have the health coverage to get the help needed.  Well, the Lupus Foundation American Lone Star Chapter is helping to find a cure and help those in need. Roping for Lupus

So join me on August 27th to try to give a little to help this amazing foundation find a cure and help ease the suffering of those afflicted with this disease.  I personally ask that you help by either attending the event, donating some silent auction items and inviting all your friends to join you.  If any of ya’ll want to be corporate sponsors please let me know how you would like to help.  We do have some overhead costs we need to cover so anything will help.  You can message me if you have something you’d like to donate.  We have a great Roping event planned, BBQ will be sold brought to you by my buddy Ysrael Izzy Guajardo and we have one heck of a line-up for the Saturday night dance: Clay Hollis, Chris Saucedo, John Wayne Schulz, Waylon Pierce and me and the boys will be there as well!  Thanks to our current sponsors Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey, Rebecca Creek Radio, Lone Star Beer, RopeSmart Gear Caps and More and Rusty Badillo for getting the roping all lined up.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your support on this and helping me make a difference in fighting Lupus!”

Find out more about this event here!

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