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Favorites of Fowlers

Celebrating Kevin Fowler’s birthday by pulling this article from the ARCHIVES…back in 2015, we asked our friends about their favorite Fowler tunes!  Enjoy this flashback and Happy Birthday Kevin!

I asked my fellow social media users to tell me their favorite tunes of Kevin’s and here are the top three responses:

1. “Hard Man to Love”

2. “Beer, Bait & Ammo”

3.  “Don’t Touch My Willie’

Here’s a few reasons why folks chose the ones they did and some other great songs of Kevin’s:  Kevin Fowler vocals 057

Anna Johnson: “‘Hard Man To Love.’  He played here in Baton Rouge in 2004 and afterward came and drank with us.  And that was the song we talked about.”

Troy James: “I like his new one ‘Before Somebody Gets Hurt’ the best.  Great catchy tune.”

Michael Berry: “‘Beer, Bait & Ammo.’  Because my boys love to sing along in a thick twang.”

Randy Barnette: “Don’t know if it was a hit, but his version of ‘Fat Bottom Girls.’  Such a cool groove and John Carroll’s guitar playing!”

Natalie Tomaski Grubbs: “‘Hard Man To Love!’  Anybody married to a true country boy knows why!”

Sean Claes “‘If These Old Walls Could Talk’ is my favorite.”

Eric Raines: “‘Beer Bait…ammo rinse repeat.”

Cw Scott: “‘#?*!’ cuz I raised 4 kids.”

Kris Green: “‘Loose, Loud and Crazy.’  Such a great 2-stepper!”

Abby Machemehl Sandlin: “‘Hard Man to Love.'”

Randy Ragsdale: “‘Butter Bean.'”

Dennis Michael: “Too easy for me.  ‘100% Texan,’ just look at my profile pic.”

Stanley Clayton: “Don’t Touch My Willie!!!'”

Lysette Lerma: “‘Long Line of Losers’… Describes my family only we say Long Line of Boozers!”

My favorite?  has to be “Butter Bean!”  So much fun!

What’s yours?

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