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Dr Bruce Nelson Passes

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Bruce Nelson Stratton‘s family and friends.  He passed peacefully Sunday at his home in Corpus Christi, TX.  Stratton was most recently at KFTX/Corpus Christi, TX, where he started in 1995, serving as GM/mornings though his retirement five years ago.  But he started in Country radio more than 50 years ago with stops at WPLO/Atlanta, WUBE/Cincinnati, WMIL/Milwaukee, KENR/Houston and KNUZ/Houston. 

His connection to Texas/Red Dirt music? He was one of the original radio guys who came on board with the Texas Music Chart back in 2000.  He was always a big supporter of our kind of music especially if it was Country.

Our friend and long time friend of Dr Bruce’s is Austin Daniels, KFTX/Corpus Christi, shared this: “Bruce is the guy who put the word ‘person’ in ‘personality.’ He brought out the best in everyone he worked with and I loved listening to him do interviews because he really drew people out. Plus, he knew everybody in the business.  He was such a great guy and was like my second dad. The stories he would tell should have been collected for a book. The things he and Waylon Jennings did together would keep you in stitches for days. One he told was about working in a one-room station in Virginia when there was a knock on the door. It was Mooney, Loretta Lynn’s husband, standing there and she was sitting out in this big old car. Bruce listened to the record Mooney gave him, liked it and asked if he could bring Loretta in for an interview. At which point Mooney yelled out the door, ‘Get them curlers out of your hair, girl. You’re about to be on the radio!’ Those were the kinds of stories Bruce loved to tell. “He ended every show saying, ‘God sees the world through your eyes. Are you showing him a good time?’ And Bruce really did. That man showed everyone a good time.”

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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