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Don’t Get It Twisted: Dale Watson Loves Austin!

Did you hear recently that Dale Watson was leaving Austin for Memphis? Us too…BUT as it turns out, that is not exactly accurate.  Dale posted the following, clearing it all up for us. (And BTW, this statement is posted in its’ entirety.)

“Ok friends , let me set the record straight, if you don’t mind. I love Austin. Austin is my home. I love Texas and will ALWAYS live in Texas. That said, I bought a house in Memphis as an investment and in the process fell in love with the town. It reminds me of Austin of the 80’s, the good and the bad. I play over 300 shows a year , meaning Austin and on the road world-wide. To afford to live in Austin, I literally have to tour. As one guy posted I’m old and should retire, but I love what I do and quite honestly can’t afford retirement either. What musician can? These things are facts I’m volunteering now but i recently granted an interview locally. They had seen an article about my moving Ameripolitan Awards to Memphis and buying a house there. The interview was heavily edited. This happens often but the things left out were important to me. Things like, my love of Austin. My roots are in Texas and the fact that , at some point I will have to sell my house in Austin and move to the outskirts, but I will always have a house in Texas. I will hang on to being an Austinite as long as I can. Monday’s at the Continental club, a Friday or Saturday at the Broken Spoke, and Chicken $#!+ Bingo at Cboys on Sunday’s. As for the media, they suck. If any media repeats this post, then print the whole thing, because you suck at editing and paraphrasing. So, after all is said and done, I hope I see ya at my regular gigs in Austin friends. I hope you come to my Air Bnb and recording studio in Memphis. And I hope you all vote when it comes to your mayor and city council. Peace. DW-in Austin, Texas.”

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