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Deryl And Cody Reach The Top With “Vegas”

Congratulations to Deryl Dodd and Cody Johnson! They’ve just topped the Texas Regional Radio Chart with their duet, “One Ride In Vegas.” The song was a hit for Deryl and the title cut from his breakout debut album back in the ’90’s. This version with Cody is part of Deryl’s 20 year celebration project Long Hard Ride, which features Deryl with many of our TX/RD favorites.

The song was written by Deryl and Brett Beavers. Deryl said it was “Just one of those rare magic moments….The idea was to compare life on the rodeo circuit, which we didn’t know from real experience but we knew from friends who lived it, to the life of a musician, which me and Brett knew all too well. The ups and downs, highs and lows. But the message we wanted to drive home was that success wasn’t measured in the belt buckles or being world champion at the NFR or #1 songs or CMA awards, but that it’s about every ride and every mile and all the late night gigs, being a kid and dreamin’ of THE moment. The moment, however defined, when you feel like you’ve made the dream a reality. The thing we remember most and the greatness of it all, is all in the memories of everything it took to get there. The words just came and the melody right along with it. We knew it was special. And it’s a waltz which was not real common for me and Brett to write. But it’s what the song naturally called for and it just all happened.”

The album Long Hard Ride is available on iTunes.

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