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DD to Release 20 Years of Magic

Deryl Dodd is one of our favorites around here and when we heard he was releasing new music, wait not just new music, but 20 years of SOME of his BEST music, we got really excited!  Here’s the story of the new release from DD himself:

Behind the Ride…..Deryl DOdd

“Hello my friends !!! I hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer 🙂  I wanted to let you know about something that’s going on that is very special to me.

It was brought to my attention by Mr. Bobby Arnold, Jr., (I will tell you all about him in time) that this year, 2016, is 20 years since the release of my very first album “One Ride In Vegas” which I recorded on Sony/Columbia in Nashville. Bobby said, “Man, thats special.. 20 years! We need to do something about it”. So I thought, wow, I wasn’t even aware of this and it felt pretty dang cool (that we’re still here) !! So we thought about making an album of our best known songs of the last 20 years. “Yes, let’s do it !!” Then I thought of how blessed I was 15 years ago when I came back home to Texas to be welcomed by several artist friends (that’s a whole ‘nuther story that I will also tell you) who knew of my music and made me feel very appreciated. I thought about asking them if they would sing with me on these songs. So, I asked. I am overwhelmed to say, they enthusiastically agreed. (If you are still tracking with me after that LONG run on sentence..there’s more)

I am recording a new album of some of my old songs with my friends. Ok, I could have just said THAT !!! 🙂 It’s overwhelming and a total expression of love. That’s the only way I know how to describe it. I will tell you who the artists are and many other stories as we roll on into the Fall. Curious ??  Me too !!

Right before I moved back to Texas, I wrote and recorded a song called “Things Are Fixin To Get Real Good”; a song about my great years in Nashville and my return to Texas with a positive outlook 🙂 And just to say, The Great Rick Smith (another story I’ll tell you about … this incredible man and friend who did SO much for me personally and all of Texas music) came into my life at that time (God Rest His Beautiful Soul) and asked me if I would record the song on a live album, “Live At Billy Bob’s”. An amazing gift to me, that I got to make that record and a bridge that encouraged me to stay the course with my music. God Bless Rick Smith !!! I recorded the song and it was released as a single to radio. Unbelievable what it did for me. There is a line in the first verse that says, “David Allan Coe was right about a long hard ride…” It all made sense.

I am calling this new album, “Long Hard Ride” 20 Years of DD and Friends. The first thing I wanted to do, was to actually record the song I had made reference too, the legendary David Allen Coe song “The Ride” with my amazing band – Andrew Raley, Steve Rhian and Kerry Wilson, featuring Heather Stalling on fiddle. Such a Great song and anthem that we all know and love, and seemed to be the perfect words to explain the last 20 crazy, amazing years of my life since recording my first album. We just released “The Ride” as a single to radio and to the world.

Whew !!! 🙂 I couldn’t be more humbled and honored to the Amazing artists, musicians, studios and engineers and SO many more people who are a part of this album, directly and indirectly !!! I could go on all day about that…AND I WILL 🙂 to anyone and everyone that I have been blessed with along This Ride, by your love and friendship…THANK YOU…and that could never, ever be enough…God Bless !!!  Stay tuned 🙂 dd

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