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Creepy or Cool?

Cremated ashes can now be converted into a vinyl record, thanks to a company called Vinyly.

According to DigitalMusicNews, this UK service, which converts the ashes of the deceased into a finished, vinyl record, starts at £3,000, or roughly $4,315.  That includes 12 minutes of audio per side that can include final words and memories, licensed music, or simple popping and cracking to ‘hear’ the ashes.

From there, buyers (either the pre-deceased or surviving loved ones) can choose a number of different configurations. Jackets can include portraits created by James Hague or Paul Insect, complete with important details like date of birth, date of death, and vinyl stickers. Additionally, Vinyly will happily add pre-licensed loops or even customized music for additional costs.

Vinyly, which offers the service for ‘people, parts of people, or pets,’ has been offering the service for several years. That could be perfect timing, especially with vinyl sales absolutely booming amidst a serious nostalgia revival (in both the UK and US).

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So, what do you think, creepy or cool?

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