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Cory Morrow Band: 20 Years

Does it make anyone else feel really old that some of our favorite bands are celebrating pretty big anniversaries these days?  Pat Green recently did and now it’s Cory Morrow’s turn.  Cory has had an incredible career (so far).  And even though he may have slowed down the partying aspect of his life, he’s a happily married family man these days, he’s still producing great music!

I was lucky enough to get a few minutes of Cory’s time recently to talk about this commemoration.

K: Congrats on celebrating 20 years!  Have there been major changes in the business in that time or would you say it’s more cyclical changes? Cory Morrow live

C: Absolutely the business has changed. No more cd sales like it used to be. We have to figure out how to make quality music without being able to sell something to recoup the cost of production. Definitely have to make adjustments in that regard. 

K: Do you think you have changed more in that time or has the business/scene as a whole?

C: I believe we are all changing, growing, becoming closer to something greater than ourselves. Hopefully, we have been evolving and our music has grown with our fans as the business around us grows and changes. It’s a journey!

K: If you could go back and talk to yourself 20 years ago, what advice would you give yourself?

C: Put your money away, be more available for others, don’t do drugs, take it easy on the booze, give God a chance, be humble and pray.

K: What do the next 20 years look like for you?

C: Well, I don’t know. I have learned from the last 20 years that it is better to focus my energy on each moment of every day. If I follow where God leads me, then I won’t have to worry about the next 20 years. He will provide, and provide in a most beautiful way.

K: You have four sons, right? What if one(or more) want to follow in your footsteps? What will you tell them?

C: I will encourage them to learn their music well. Be well educated in music and knowledgeable on your instruments. And above all, make sure you love playing music so that you can do it for the rest of your life and be a source of joy for anyone listening. I basically want them to be aware of the service that they will provide no matter what they choose for a profession. 

K: The very first cover/article that was written about you in the late/great Best in Texas Music Magazine, was in March 2001 and you were quoted as saying “The (Texas Music) scene is real; we write it.  We’re telling stories about our lives or about maybe what we hoped our lives would be.”  How do you think that relates to how you write now? IMG_7448

C: Wow! I actually think that is still right on. I guess now I write about the life I’ve lived rather than a life I could potentially live. The life I’ve been blessed with now (wife, kids, family) is a whole new opportunity to experience. It’s the life I’ve wanted all along. And by the grace of God, and that alone, I am walking today in that life. Hallelujah! That’s a life I want to write about!

Thank you, Cory, for the amazing music so far and here’s to many more years!

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