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Charlie Said It Best

(Photo Credit to @Humanizing the Badge)

To say the events that have taken place in Orlando is tragic is an understatement.  And as many of us wrestle with what has taken place and how to react or what to say, we thought Charlie Robison said it best:

“I will forego any politics, religion, etc, etc as all should today and pray for the victims and their families. I wish them peace which I’m sure is impossible and I pray for an answer(which after looking at posts seems impossible too). Please don’t turn on each other today. That’s exactly what the awful coward wants. We are not afraid, we are diligent and as citizens of the US we will prevail. Hard time my sisters and brothers. Blame can wait till tomorrow. We will not be defeated in mind or body. I will never be afraid of these cowards. Never.”

(Photo Credit to @Humanizing the Badge)

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