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Breelan Got Her Boots On

Breelan Angel has joined Boot Campaign’s #BootsOn initiative to support the 1.38 million men and women serving in our military today and the 22 million veterans who have served in the past by debuting as a celebrity ambassador.  A national non-profit that promotes patriotism, raises awareness of military issues, and provides vunnamed (1)ital assistance for our nation’s heroes and their families, Boot Campaign raises funds through the retail sale of combat boots and other merchandise to support the unique needs of troops during and post service.

“I truly believe in and support the men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom in this country,” said Angel. “They have given everything to protect us and our families and that is just one of the reasons I have chosen to stand with the Boot Campaign. This campaign brings awareness to those individuals and all that they have sacrificed and I think it is very important we as American citizens remember what it is our troops do and have done in the years before us.  I am proud to be a supporter of this campaign and am honored they let me be a part of such an important message!”

Breelan also was recently a guest on the Pursuit Channel’s TV show, “Outdoor Troubadours!”  Here’s a clip:

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