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Brandon Rhyder Health Update

Our friend Brandon Rhyder has been in the hospital for several days now with an infection.  Unfortunately, it looks like he will be in for a while longer.  So, please send up more prayers of healing and good vibes! 

Here’s his most recent update: “Just want to thank everyone for the shower of love and the prayers that are being sent our way. I am overwhelmed and so very thankful for each one of you! This sickness came on very quickly, and unfortunately we haven’t been able to diagnose important aspects of what has happened. I promise you it hasn’t been for a lack of effort, but I have left a few doctors scratching their heads. However, We have a plan in place and will be seen by experts in this field of medicine as soon as the transfer can be accommodated. We hope and pray for answers and direction and for the Doctors. And for each of you who have prayed and sent positive vibes my family’s way, Please keep’em coming! I adore you my fine Prayer Warriors.”

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