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“Better Days” – The Story Behind the Song

Cooder Graw is one of those bands that you can guarantee you will have a good time at their shows.  They are always entertaining and their music is always on target.  That is why we chose to feature one of their iconic songs so that we can dive a little deeper into where it came from!  The song is “Better Days” and we asked lead singer/songwriter Matt Martindale to tell us the story behind it. Cooder Graw

“We were setting up for a gig and the owner of the bar pulled up, in his Corvette. I asked him how he was doing. He said, ‘I’ve had better days!’  I immediately thought how ironic, this apparently successful person, has such a negative attitude. I get it, obviously, we don’t always know the whole story, but it launched an idea for a song. I wrote half of it within a day or so, and had the tune in my head as soon as I heard the phrase.

It took another year before I finished it up, and I had really forgotten about until a fan at one of my Tuesday Golden Light acoustic shows reminded me about it. (Thanks Flusche) It’s one of those songs people say gets them through tough times in their lives, or helps them at the end of a bad day. I’m amazed and humbled that it has had any impact at all and usually moved to tears when folks sing it back to us. And I guess it comes back around that way, the fans give way more to us than vice versa! Thank you folks, one and all!!”

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