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Artists React To Loss Of Tom Petty

If you’re at all familiar with Texas/Red Dirt music, (which you are, or why would you be here?!) you know that the music and artists have many different influences, including rock.  So it’s no surprise that many of our favorite artists were posting about yesterday’s loss of Tom Petty. Here’s a few of the sentiments we saw:

Gary Braun: “I’m headed to Idaho , today was just a kick in the gut.  Can’t believe what happened in Las Vegas or that Tom Petty passed. I don’t have the words .”

David Lee: “We’ve lost Kenny Beard, Tom Petty, Troy Gentry, Mark Selby and Don Williams in a couple weeks. Man it’s gettin real.”

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Wade Bowen: “Thank you Tom Petty for an absolutely brilliant career that will stand the test of time. You gave us all everything you had. And wow…the music was as good as it’s ever been and ever will be in this world. Thank you!!!”

Randall King: “Between Tom Petty and the Las Vegas shooting it’s been a heartbreaking day. Our thoughts and prayers are with those effected #prayforvegas”

Austin Meade: Truly unbelievable and heartbreaking day. Tom Petty’s influence and music will live on forever. #ItsGoodToBeKing #EvenTheLosers”

Troy Cartwright: “Tom Petty is one of my biggest influences. I’m thankful for his music and the time he had to share his gift with the world. Damn.”

Jonny Burke: “Tom Petty’s Wildflowers was the first CD I ever bought (still one of my top 5). Favorite show i’ve ever seen was Tom Petty in ’06. Sad news. What a shitty day. Gonna go fishing while listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Gonna let my people know I love them.”

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