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It’s Friday the 13th and we thought it would be fun to ask a few artists if they have any rituals or superstitions when it comes to performing…

Bri Bagwell: 

I put my red boots on stage. If they’re gone or their backwards (ie left and right foot is switched) I SWEAR something goes wrong. 🙂


Junior Gordon:

Superstitions….every time I see a black cat cross the road when driving I think about it, but I never stop and go a different direction. I do however have a superstition now thanks to my wife, I never put a hat on the bed. I don’t come home and throw my cap on the bed or after a show set my cowboy hat on the bed, not even on the bus. She made me believe there is some truth to putting a hat, shoes or a rifle on the bed and it bringing you bad luck.  

Now, before every show or CD recording… I pray! I always get our guys to pray with me before we go on stage it’s the one thing I just have to do. If by chance I miss praying as a group and they get on stage before me, I will still spend that alone time for a few minutes with CHRIST.  Same thing for when we hit the road and leave home or from a show, it’s the KEY!


Leon and Steve Helms

Steve Helms: 

Before I start a show…I always say a little something in my head to my Dad … just quietly to myself.

Just a silent few words of … “Hope you’re watching dad” kind of thing.  Because in my heart I feel like he is.  I’d give anything to have him at one more show.

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