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Another Band Says Goodbye

What?!  Is that headline true??

Apparently so.  Dolly Shine, an awesome band, has announced they will quit touring according to a post on Instagram. (We can’t find this announcement anywhere else.)

DollyShineNeedless to say, this news sucks.  This band has made some incredible music and it’s a shame we won’t hear it anymore.  It’s also so strange.  They just released a new album that kicked ass.  So it’s certainly one of those head scratching moments to hear they are going their separate ways.

It makes you wonder though if the saturation of the scene may be one of the causes…too many bands…too few venues…too few fans going to said venues.  Could be a number of things.  Hell, it could be they all hated each others guts.  Bottom line though is it’s a shame to see them go.  Their music was pretty damn awesome.

You have a few more dates to catch them performing, so get out and see them while you still can.

Rock on, guys, we’ll miss Dolly Shine’s presence in the scene.

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